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Hi, everyone. This is Abeidecor, a China supplier specializing in home decorations.

Since we started online business, more and more clients contact us by email or phone, wanting to wholesale high-quality and competitive home decorations from us. Some are professional home decoration importers, while others are new to the home decoration industry. Among them, there are many clients who want to wholesale vase.

Therefore, we have specially compiled the relevant knowledge of wholesale vase from China, hoping to help you. We’ll launching a series of blogs about home decor knowledge in the future. We’d love to share our experiences.

Wholesale Vase

The main content of this article:
1. Vase Classification Skills
2. Knowledge About Wholesale Ceramic Vases
3. Main Points of Wholesale Glass Vases
4. Introduction of Vases of Other Materials
5. How to Inspect the Vase

1. Vase Classification Skills

First, let’s talk about how to quickly determine the type of vase you want to wholesale. There are many ways to categorize vases, for example by shape/color/use scene.

Wholesale Vase

However, the most recommended classification method is to  distinguish by the material of the vases. In this way, you can’t miss any kind of vase, help you quickly locate the products you need. In terms of materials, we generally divide vases into: glass vases, ceramic vases, crystal vases, metal vases, acrylic vases, resin vases, and stone vases.

Next, let us learn more about vase import knowledge according to the vase material.

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2. Knowledge About Wholesale Ceramic Vases

Let’s start by talking about the most popular ceramic vases among importers. Ceramic vases have so many possibilities, by changing the shape/texture/color of the vase, can create a vase that fits almost any scene.

(1) Production Place of Chinese Ceramic Vases

The origin of Chinese ceramic vases is mainly concentrated in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi and Chaozhou, Guangdong. It occupies about 90% of the total export volume of Chinese ceramic vases.

There are many varieties of vases in Jingdezhen, among which blue and white porcelain, exquisite porcelain, pastel porcelain and colored glaze porcelain are the four traditional famous porcelains in the area. Generally speaking, the ceramic vases produced in Jingdezhen are of better quality, finer workmanship, and relatively higher price and MOQ. If you want some refined and standout vase, this is a good choice.

Chaozhou is the largest vase production and export base in China, with more than 2,500 vase suppliers. Due to the advantage of quantity, there are many styles of vases produced in this area, and the price is relatively low. Therefore, many clients choose to wholesale ceramic vases from here.

In addition, there are also some ceramic vase manufacturers in Linyi, Zibo, and Yixing.

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(2) Types of Ceramic Subdivisions

We can divide ceramics into three types: earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. These three types of ceramics have different characteristics, buyers can easily distinguish them. If you need custom vases from China, this knowledge can also help you better present your needs to suppliers.

Earthenware – Items made of clay fired at 950-1165°C. Generally have porous, opaque characteristics, showing more yellowish brown. We can choose to glaze Earthenware to add color and pattern, or leave it unglazed and keep it looking its best. Note, however, that if Earthenware is not glazed, it will not be fully waterproof.

Stoneware – This state is between pottery and porcelain. It has no vitrification, but the whole green body has been completely sintered, so the green body is very dense. Nowadays, many chemical ceramic products have a water absorption rate below 6%, and the overall body will appear close to white, brown, yellowish-brown or gray-blue, and they all belong to Stoneware. Stoneware has high strength and good thermal stability, and they are not very demanding on raw materials, so they are very popular with home decoration and kitchenware importers.

Porcelain – Porcelain has given higher craft value on the basis of Earthenware’s form. Many artists use this material with its smooth and hard surface and beautiful sheen to create some gorgeous artwork. Many expensive antique vases are made of porcelain.

Ceramic vases have also been very popular on social media such as Instagram and pinterest. For exmaple, geometric ceramic vases, lovely shaped ceramic flower baskets, ceramic creative head vases, unique  3D printing ceramic vases.

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3. Main Points of Wholesale Glass Vases

Besides wholesale ceramic vases from China, glass vases are also in great demand.

Many people like to display glass vases at home. Styles are endless, from ordinary mason jars and milk bottle vases to hand-blown art glass vases. Transparent glass vases can enhance the light in the house and create a sense of transparency. With those beautiful flowers, the whole environment becomes more vibrant. 

And glass vases have also made great breakthroughs in color. In addition to conventional red, blue and other colors, there are also gradients of purple and red, or milky white, which provides more ideas for floral arrangements.

If you want to wholesale some high quality glass vases from China, check out Shandong, Shanxi, Tianjin, Qingdao and Guangzhou. There are many China glass vase suppliers.

4. Introduction of Vases of Other Materials

Vases made of other materials, such as crystal vases or metal vases, some classic styles are very popular with importers. For example, pedestal vase or trumpet vase, with a large bouquet of flowers, can well decorated whether it is placed on the ground or in the middle of the table. These vases are often used at weddings or dinner parties.

No matter what type of vases you want to wholesale, Abeidecor can all meet your needs.

A little knowledge, most of the popular golden vases and silver vases are’t metal vases in the traditional sense, but use electroplating technology to coat ceramic vases with gold or silver.

Wholesale Vase

In 2022, the shabby chic vase, which has become popular again, is mainly made of metal or ceramic vases. This style of vase is usually more retro, such as milk jugs, kettles, etc., and then some old craftsmanship is applied to the vase to make it look like an old object that has gone through some time.

Resin and acrylic, as relatively new materials, will be used to make some special styles of vases, according to their own characteristics. Like some vases that look like made of wood, they are actually made of resin.

Resin availability is very strong. We can use it to simulate the look of many other materials because it can express details to an amazing degree. Resin vases tend to hold their color well, and are light and sturdy—even if you accidentally knock it off a windowsill, it will stay intact because of the elasticity inside the material. This means that you only need to spend very little thought to maintain it, or it is OK to leave it outside at will. It should be noted that resins are environmentally friendly materials, not plastics in the traditional sense, so beware of bad suppliers who classify ordinary plastics as resins.

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5. How to Inspect the Vase

We have sorted out some common vase inspection knowledge for you, which can be referenced when you need to inspect the quality of vase.

(1) Check the stability of the bottom of the bottle
Place the vase on a level surface, touch it lightly with your hand, and watch the vase shake.

(2) Check the bottle color
Mainly check whether the color of the bottle body is uniform, mainly use the naked eye to observe, especially those colored vases.

(3) Check for particulate matter
Check the surface of the vase for large black particles. The reason for this is that the raw material of the vase is not completely melted, but it is normal if it is only small particles.

(4) Check for air bubbles
No bubbles larger than 3mm (round) or 4mm (long) or broken bubbles or surface bubbles are allowed. Check whether there are a lot of air bubbles on the surface of the vase (except those that are intentionally made bubble vases). If the bubbles are many and concentrated together, the quality of the vase isn’t good; if the diameter of the bubbles is too large, it’s also bad. (The number and diameter of the bubbles are relative to the size of the vase)

(5) Check the opening
If the mouth of the vase is cut, you need to see if there is any stubble on the mouth. If the mouth of the vase is open, you need to see if the mouth is uneven.

(6) Check thermal shock resistance
Resistant to extreme temperatures, no burst at 42°C.

Customized Vase Tips: If you have some unique ideas when wholesale vases from China. Such as want to customize the vases, there may be some additional charges, roughly between $50~200. This is an extra charge from the factory to add molds for your design.


If you want to wholesale vases or other types of home decoration from China, welcome to contact us – top Chinese supplier, one stop meet all your needs.


Wholesale Ceramic Vase From China

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