16 Baby Shower Decorations Ideas

Welcome to the ultimate guide to baby shower decorations! Whether you’re a first-time host or a seasoned party planner, our goal is to create an unforgettable experience for the mom-to-be and her guests. Let’s go all out to create the perfect atmosphere that screams “celebration”!

As experienced Chinese party decoration supplier, we know that choosing the right color scheme is crucial. Will it be a classic pink or blue, a modern neutral, or an iridescent pastel? Your choices set the stage for the rest of your baby shower decor elements.

1. Handmade Invitations

Start with an invitation! Handmade invitations add a personal touch that store-bought invitations just can’t match. Plus, the process of making them is amazing. If you care about environmental issues, digital invitations can be a great choice. They are very convenient and can be customized to your liking.

2. Balloon Arch

Balloon arches are all the rage, and for good reason. They are stunning and so easy to DIY. Choose balloons that match your color theme for a cohesive look. Here are a few great creative options.

(1) Rainbow Theme

Choose from seven different colored balloons and arrange them into a beautiful rainbow shape.
Add a white cloud balloon above the rainbow to match the baby’s name.

baby shower decorations

(2) Zoo Theme

Use balloons in various animal shapes, such as baby elephants, little lions, little bears, etc.
Place these animal balloons on both sides of the arch to look like a small zoo.

baby shower decorations

(3) Angels and Stars

Choose white and gold balloons to represent purity and solemnity.
Hang a large star above the arch and add angel wing balloons to the sides.

baby shower decorations

(4) Garden Party

Use various flower-shaped balloons and match them with green leaf balloons to create a garden atmosphere.
Place a cute butterfly or bee shaped balloon in the middle of the arch.

(5) Aquarium Theme

Choose blue and clear balloons to represent the ocean and water.

Hang balloons in the shapes of fish, starfish and seahorses in the middle of the arch to create an aquarium feel.

If you want to get more balloon decorations, please contact us! We have helped many customers wholesale party supplies from China.

3. DIY Centerpieces

The centerpiece is the focal point on any table. Why don’t we do something special? From flower arrangements to diaper cakes, the possibilities are endless. We have prepared 5,000+ baby shower decorations for you. You can easily get the latest decorations at the best prices! Get reliable suppliers now.

(1) Baby Shoes and Socks Bouquet

Make a bouquet using baby shoes and socks instead of flowers for a cute and fun way.
Place the bouquet in a delicate vase and give it as a gift to the baby after the shower.

baby shower decorations

(2) Baby Clothing Line

Decorate a clothing line with cute little clothes, socks, hats and more.
Place clothing lines across the center of the shower space to create a warm and family feel.

baby shower decorations

(3) Book Theme Decoration

Create a book-themed centerpiece using elements such as baby books, fairy tale books, and more.
You can insert some small decorations into the books, such as baby shoes, toys, etc.

baby shower decorations

(4) Holy Light Decoration

Make some light-up decorations such as small light bulbs, glowing stars or cherubs.
Place these decorations around the baptismal area to create a sacred and dreamy feel.

baby shower decorations

4. Plantable Gifts

Give your guests a day to remember – plantable souvenirs are not only eco-friendly but also thoughtful.

5. Dessert Display

No baby shower is complete without a table filled with desserts. Let’s take a look at how to make your dessert table stand out.

Choose a theme for your dessert table that will complement your baby shower decor. Whether vintage, modern or whimsical, let your theme guide your choices.

(1) Candy Garden

Use dessert plates in a variety of flower shapes to complete a dessert garden.
You can also use some small clay flower pot shaped dessert plates to serve the tiramisu! Top it with a little green mint leaves and it looks just as cute as a real potted plant.

baby shower decorations

(2) Baby Bottles and Pacifiers

Make chocolate or candy bottles with candy nipples.
Place these bottles and nipples on the dessert table to display with other desserts.

baby shower decorations

(3) Mini Candy Cart

Prepare a small candy cart and decorate it with colorful candies in various shapes. Allow guests to taste as much as they like.

baby shower decorations

(4) Animal Paradise

Make desserts in various animal shapes, such as bears, rabbits, ducks, etc.
Place these cute animal desserts on your dessert table with some greenery and small trees.

baby shower decorations

(5) Chocolate Waterfall

Place a small chocolate waterfall for guests to enjoy.
Place some cute elements like decorative baby bottles, pacifiers, and diaper cakes next to the waterfall.

baby shower decorations


When planning baby shower decorations, every little detail can enhance the special occasion. No matter which decoration idea you choose, you hope to convey your blessings for new life. May this unique baptismal moment be filled with love, peace and blessings. May this ceremony be a wonderful moment for family and friends to celebrate together, leaving behind precious and warm memories.


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