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Our Story

We are a sub-brand of Sellers Union established in 2015, which is mainly engaged in the wholesale of boutique home decoration. Since 2022, our annual turnover has exceeded 36 million US dollars.

Initially, we provided wholesale business of some exquisite vases for professional home decor importers. As a result, these vases were very popular, and our products were once again out of product, so we gradually opened up more business segments. Reasonable prices and punctual shipments are just part of the reason why we have been well received by buyers at home and abroad. More importantly, the reason is our excellent service attitude and unimaginable good product quality.

So we have gradually expanded from the vase wholesale business to artificial flowers, garden decorations, desktop ornaments and pillows, etc.

As a top China home decor supplier, we mainly focus on providing high-quality home decorations to buyers. In addition to collecting trendy products on the market, there will be a series of home decoration products with original designs which launched every quarter.

home decor supplier china
home decor supplier china

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Our Mission

“The bee gathers hundreds of flowers and becomes an expert”

This is a Chinese proverb, which means that bees have collected a lot of flowers before they become experts in finding flowers and brewing honey.

In fact, this simple saying makes us discover the virtues of bee- diligence, persistence, and concentration. Because of the hard work, you can keep enthusiasm to finish every day’s work. Precisely because of persistence, it is possible to have a positive attitude in the trough period. It is precisely because of concentration that can achieve professionalism in a field.

Hard work, perseverance and concentration, these are the valuable qualities of Abeidecor, which has been engaged in the home decoration wholesale industry for 23 years, and this is also the meaning of our logo-a bee.

Meet Our Team & Office

Our staffs have professional home decoration appraisal quality, and collect the latest fashion trends every day, bring fresh inspiration to clients and the most competitive home decoration.

home decor supplier china
home decor supplier china
home decor supplier china

Meet Our Clients

we work for them

Here are some of our home decor customers. Thanks to the customer’s recognition to us.

What Do We Offer

So much to love in Abeidecor! Explore our wide range of stylish, market-driven home decor that appeals to every cilent’s style.

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