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If you have an idea to develop gift box business, wholesale China gift boxes is your first choice to enhance your market competitiveness. As an experienced home decor supplier, we have prepared a complete guide to wholesale gift boxes from China for you.

Now personalized gifts are more and more popular. And gift boxes play a decisive role in creating personalized gifts. Therefore, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to the value brought by gift boxes.

1. Why Choose to Wholesale China Gift Boxes?

The reason is simple, for low cost, better service and higher efficiency.

1) Low cost

We all know that in some countries, labor costs are very high.
But in China, the price of labor is relatively cheaper, and the price of raw materials is also better.
Low cost always brings you bigger profit margins.

2) Better service

As we all know, there are many gift box suppliers in China. Intense industry competition has almost every supplier committed to providing a high level of service to their customers.

3) Higher efficiency

Many China gift boxes suppliers won’t reject large-scale orders, on the contrary, they are very welcome to large-scale orders.

Now Chinese manufacturers pay more attention to efficiency, emphasizing process and standardized production. So these manufacturers rarely disappoint when it comes to efficiency.

2. The Role of Gift Boxes

1) Protect internal goods

In the beginning, people used gift boxes to prevent product breakage. A gift box that matches the size can protect the contents to a certain extent.

2) Add value to the product

Unlike before, now a good packaging is an excellent way to enhance the value of the product. With a beautiful gift box, you can get a larger product profit margin.

In addition, some customized gift boxes can play a marketing role. Businesses can use packaging to show their taste and strength.

For example, a simple pen set, if you add a textured gift box, and then add the company’s logo, it will become a sincere company gift.

Besides wholesale China gift boxes, you can also wholesale some promotional products to match.

gift boxes china wholesale

3. What Types of Gift Boxes can be Wholesaled from China

If your impression of gift boxes is still in the normal paper gift box, this notion can be a hindrance to your gift box business.

First of all, according to the material, we can classify all gift boxes into paper gift boxes, glass gift boxes, metal gift boxes, plastic gift boxes, composite gift boxes and bamboo gift boxes. These gift boxes can be used in various ways, such as:

1) Flower box

Many people now fall in love with using flower boxes instead of wrapping paper to decorate their bouquets, which are more portable and can sometimes be used directly as vases. For example, some of our home decor and flower shop customers order many beautiful flower boxes every year.

gift boxes china wholesale

2) Jewelry gift box

Specifically designed for those delicate fine jewelry. The custom size will fit those beautiful bracelets, necklaces or rings just right. It is usually accompanied by sponge, velvet and other fillers.

3) Makeup box

It is very common in people’s daily life. Each cosmetic will come with an individual packaging. If purchased as a set, some also come with a special box set.

4) Garment box

A high-quality clothing box can enhance the customer’s shopping experience. Generally speaking, in order to keep the clothing neat, the clothing box will use materials such as corrugated cardboard. These boxes are basically printed with the brand’s logo.

5) Wine box

It is common to see some precious red wines taken out of wooden gift boxes, or oval velvet gift boxes. There are also gift boxes with magnetic openings and handles that are also very popular.

6) Food gift box

As a very popular personalized gift, gift boxes for food require more unique designs. Meat, nuts and cookie gift boxes are all very different in style.

gift boxes china wholesale

4. How to Find China Gift Boxes Suppliers

If you want to find a Chinese gift box supplier, you can refer to the following ways.

1) Online way

You can find your ideal China gift boxes supplier through Chinese wholesale websites like Alibaba/Made in China.

Or search through goolgle, enter keywords: China gift boxes suppliers, gift boxes China wholesale or China home decor suppliers, etc, you will find there are many suppliers to choose from. Generally, experienced home decor suppliers are also involved in the gift box industry, such as Abeidecor.

It is also a good idea to get a Chinese sourcing agent to help you wholesale gift boxes from China. You can also use google search to find it.

2) Offline way -- China wholesale market

— Yiwu market

Everyone knows that Yiwu Market is the largest wholesale market in the world. Here you can find different kinds of gift boxes. Because it gathers suppliers from all over China, you can wholesale China gift boxes in one stop. Gift boxes are mainly concentrated in the district 2 of Yiwu market.

— Guangzhou wholesale market

World Trade Gift Box Wholesale Market, Plant Gift Box Wholesale Market, Guohao Gift Box Wholesale Market, Mingchuang Gift Box Wholesale Market, Crystal Cherry Gift Box Wholesale Market.

3) Offline way -- China gift box exhibition

China (Guangzhou) International Packaging Products Exhibition PACKINNO

Shenzhen Gift Packaging Exhibition (same period as Shenzhen Gift Exhibition)

CIPPME 2022 Shanghai International Packaging Products and Materials Exhibition / China Shanghai Gift Exhibition (concurrent)

Ningbo Small and Medium Factory Packaging Exhibition

Yiwu Stationery Fair

Ningbo Stationery Fair

5. How to Know if a Chinese Gift Box Supplier is Reliable

OK, now you’ve found some gift box suppliers that look good. Now you have to further choose between them.

But you aren’t sure if they are reliable. Don’t worry, we’ve summed up how to check if a gift box supplier is reliable. The following directions are the ones you should pay attention to.

1) Gift box design

Very important! There isn’t much difference in the material and workmanship of many gift boxes. Good design is the soul of gift boxes. A gift box supplier with a wide range of styles is definitely a plus. Of course, if you just want to sell some basic styles of gift boxes, then quality and production efficiency will be more important.

2) One-stop service

If the Chinese gift box supplier you choose can provide one-stop service, it means that their staff and production equipment are in place.

3) Production capacity

The production capacity is determined by the size and machinery of the factory. To make sure that the gift box manufacturer has enough production capacity to fulfill your order, you can check their equipment, the newer the better the more they have enough production capacity. At the same time, their employees should also be professionally trained to operate these latest machines in a standardized manner.

4) Certificate

when researching China gift boxes suppliers, ISO9001:2008 is an important certification you should pay attention to.

5) Quality control

We think a good gift box supplier should have its own quality control system. For example, they have a special department to check whether the raw materials are qualified, and a special person is responsible for monitoring all processes in production to ensure that there will be no huge mistakes in the finished product.

6) After-sale guarantee

This may be difficult to see before cooperation, but we can judge whether this gift box supplier will provide a good after-sales guarantee through other customer reviews on their website.


If you are interested in wholesale gift boxes from China, you can take a look at Abeidecor – a top Chinese home decor supplier with rich experience, which can meet all your needs in one stop.


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