Top 9 Unique Vases Type – Add Some Sparkle To Your Home

In any case, flowers can always be a special presence in our lives. People love flowers. Their color, their scent, and the life they show, all this is crazy. In flower arrangements, having a charming floral container is also indispensable.

We’ve collected some of the most creative vase styles of 2022, and we hope this inspires you new ideas for flower arrangements and interior decorating.

1. Glass Test Tube Vase

It’s so cute to grow mini bouquets or other plants in lab tubes, isn’t it?

Not only these small test tubes, but the racks used to hold the test tubes can also be designed in many ways, usually metal or wood. This test tube vase combination is really suitable for a minimalist or modern decorating home.

And because of the light-transmitting nature of the glass itself, the light can pass through the vase to the stem of the plant, we can better check the cleanliness of the bottom water to change and trim the flower stalk.

Glass Test Tube Vase

2. Wall-mounted Vase

If you want to add some special decor to your home, wall-mounted vases are a great option. Especially for families with children or pets, I believe that wall-mounted vases will definitely free up a lot of space for your home.

Moreover, different wall-mounted vases can be well adapted to various home decoration styles.

Such as wall-mounted vases for rustic and vintage styles.

Another example is a wall-mounted vase suitable for simple and modern styles.

3. Colorful Transparent Crystal Vase

One of my favorite vases series lately, they are like dreamy bubbles! It’s just that they are more difficult to break.

We often see crystal vases at weddings. Its very existence is romantic in itself. Many clients wholesale wedding vases from China through us. Usually they choose sourcing trumpet-shaped crystal vase, or the crystal Footed Bowls type vase in the middle of the table. These vases are usually better for holding large quantities of flowers.

But the colorful transparent crystal vase is more suitable for decorating a single flower. This will make the whole set look dreamy and stylish, and at the same time have a lively feel.

If your home happens to be Scandinavian style, or country style, and you want some lively and bright decorations. I highly recommend you try this colorful crystal vase set. Remember to put them in a sunny spot for better results.

4. Morandi Abstract Ceramic Vase

I guess you who are interested in flower arrangements and decorations must be familiar with this type of vase. This is the Morandi abstract ceramic vase that has been popular on Ins, Pinterest and other platforms since last year.

I am obsessed with the design and beauty of these vases every time I look at them. After entering 2022, the color trend of this type of vase begins to become softer and more romantic, adding many beautiful light colors.

This set of Morandi ceramic vases can be well adapted to various styles of decoration. Put them on a bookshelf, or your dining room cabinet, and they will naturally link to each other and form a whole.

Morandi Abstract Ceramic Vase

5. Irregularly Ceramic Vases

Looking for a unique vase? Check out these 3D printed irregular ceramic vases.

This unconventional, unrestricted vase attracted a lot of people. There is no set rule for how it should be, flowing, twisting, bulging.

Such a vase is a exquisite work of art in itself, but it is also suitable as a floral container. Choose some spacious indoor places to place it, these “unusual” ceramic vases will give you the greatest artistic experience.

6. Body Shape Art Head Vase

From Roman sculpture-style head vases, to impeccable ceramic beauties, and now abstract art head vases. Human head vases are constantly changing with people’s preferences. Maybe that’s why it’s always been popular – adapting to the environment.

When we help overseas customers to wholesale ceramic vases from China, body art head vases have always been one of the most popular items purchased by customers. While styles often change, but the element of the human head hasn’t changed.

Body Shape Art Head Vase
Body Shape Art Head Vase

7. Bud Vase

As for bud vases, they are the perfect creative vases for your beautiful fireplace.

Typically bud vases are small enough to fit in a row over a fireplace. It is recommended to choose the appropriate color according to your home decoration style. The base of the flower bud vase is round and the bottle mouth is tightened, which looks like a small flower bud, very cute!

Garnishing with some reeds or dried flowers would be a good choice. But remember, don’t put too much flower in it, it may tip over because it can’t keep the balance.

Bud Vase

8. Kraft Paper Vase

Use these pretty kraft paper bags as vases and you can put them almost anywhere. There is a built-in waterproof layer, and no additional measures are required.

Or you can just put the kraft paper bag on those convenience store attached planters that you don’t think are pretty enough, make your plants look more harmonious.

If you want to make your “kraft paper bag” a little more sturdy, try this kraft paper bag-inspired electroplated ceramic vase. It not only retains the dynamic beauty of crepe paper bags, but also combines the sophistication and modern beauty of ceramic vases.

9. Vintage Vase

Yes, fashion is a cycle. This year, vintage vases have returned as a star to decor lovers. Deliberately distressed style with an old-fashioned coffee maker, this is a favorite for retro and rustic decor lovers this year.

A big feature of this type of vases is that they like to use various containers as vases,  and they are usually used in the kitchen. That is to say – they will fit perfectly in your kitchen or dining table.

Well, I hope our article can be of some help to your decorating ideas.

No metter how unique the vase is . It will never compare to your attitude towards life. So don’t let it bother you . Just choose the vase that best suits your style.


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