Top 9 Excellent Home Decoration Suppliers

People are always keen to decorate their home and garden. Decoration can bring joy and a sense of ritual to life, which is why home decoration is always so popular. Especially in the past two years, people have been staying at home for a longer time, and the demand for home decor suppliers has continued to grow. This point can refer to some of our cooperation home decoration importers. Their order volume has generally increased by about 20~30%.

However, it is important to note that the sales of home decoration products are closely related to the changes in interior design trends. Good home decor suppliers can follow trends or create trends. Today we are going to share some excellent home decor suppliers.

1. RAZ Imports - USA Home Decor Suppliers

RAZ Imports was established in 1979, specializing in the wholesale import of holiday decorations. Every quarter, they release some new collections. If you want to wholesale some holiday decorations, you can check them out online.

But unfortunately it isn’t a supplier of the origin of home decorations. It is an American home decoration wholesaler, mainly imports from China, Taiwan, India, so you may not be able to get first-hand product price. If you understand the home decoration industry, you will know that the same product, if imported directly from the place of origin, can usually achieve a profit of 400%~500%.

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2. Lene Bjerre - Danish Home Decor Suppliers

A Danish home decoration supplier, the overall style is more classic. When designing products, they tend to use highly sustainable materials and processes.

Many buyers like Lene Bjerre’s use of low-saturation colors to show a feminine design style. They provide customers with most of the interior items, and do different assortments according to the season. Note: This home decoration supplier doesn’t have many products on their site, may not be able to pick the product you want online.

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3. Abeidecor - China Home Decor Suppliers

Abeidecor is a professional China home decoration supplier. Since its establishment in 2015, Abeidecor has provided satisfactory service to 100+ home decoration importers. As we all know, traders in many countries import home decoration from China, Abeidecor is undoubtedly a good choice. As a Chinese origin supplier, they not only have abundant products to choose from, but also very competitive price. At present, they have collected 100,000+ home decoration products, the main product categories are: vases, artificial flowers, desktop decorations, furniture, photo frames, holiday decorations, etc.

In addition to launching new collections of home decor every month, they also support custom-designed home decor for customers. If you want to wholesale home decor from China, you can contact them.

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4. Alibaba - China Wholesale Home Decoration

Almost every product category you can imagine is covered here. As one of the most famous wholesale websites in the world, Alibaba has countless home decoration products for wholesale. The premise is that you need to actively search for products and enter the correct search keywords, otherwise you will miss a lot of products.

One thing to note, since there are many China home decor suppliers on the platform, their quality is also uneven, so you need to spend a lot of time comparing products and suppliers. Several of our clients have complained to us about encounter unreliable suppliers. They found some home decor suppliers from Alibaba, but they were defrauded of money, or the products quality was questionable. If you want to wholesale home decor from China, it is very important to choose a reliable home decor supplier.

5. CTW Home Collection - USA Home Decoration Supplier

If you’re looking to wholesale some new home decor, you can check out the CTW Home Collection website. It categorizes various styles of home decor, such as modern farmhouse, boho, retro, shabby chic. This home decoration supplier is based in the US, mainly imports products from India. In addition to home decorations, CTW Home Collection’s product line also includes a small selection of kitchen items, bathroom items, lighting items, and more. This is a good option for customers who want to wholesale household items in one stop. But if you want to focus on wholesale home decor, then you might need to look at other home decor suppliers.

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6. CIMC - UK Home Decoration Supplier

As one of the UK’s largest home decoration suppliers, CIMC has been in business for 34 years, mainly importing home decoration from China, India and the US. Many of CIMC’s products have very favorable wholesale price, the product categories include furniture, home decorations, lighting and more. They don’t have a minimum order quantity, which means your order amount will be unlimited, but they can offer free shipping on orders over £500.

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7. Gainsborough Giftware - UK Home Decor Supplier

Gainsborough Giftware was established in 1977 as a wholesale gift and homeware distributor. As an established home decoration supplier, it has a solid reputation in Germany, the Netherlands and France.

They have a large showroom in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, Mid-England, which you can visit if you’re interested. If customers are within the UK mainland and orders over £100, they can get free delivery service.

8. G. Wurm - Germany Home Decor Supplier

A Germany-based supplier of gifts and home accessories, mainly imported from Asia, with nearly 60 years of experience and a collection of more than 6,500 products. Their range of products ranges from general decorations to kitchen items, lamps, and the style is biased towards a simple, modern style.

9. Regal Art & Gift - USA Home Decor Supplier

This home decoration supplier was established in 1992 as a small wholesale trading company and has grown gradually.

Currently Regal Art & Gift is a home decoration supplier with more than 1000 products. The only pity is that they don’t update their online products very often, and users have to ask, or download their catalog to get more products.

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Above are some of the home decor suppliers we recommend. If you want to find more home decoration suppliers or products, you can contact us, or search directly on Google.


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