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One year of Halloween is approaching, and people are talking more and more about this year’s Halloween decoration ideas and masquerade parties. Have you started to decorate your yard and living room yet?

If you’re still thinking about how to bring the Halloween spirit to your home and impress your guests, here’s a look. Experienced Halloween Supplier in China – Abeidecor has prepared a lot of great Halloween decoration ideas to satisfy all your Halloween expectations. Let’s get started right away.

1. "Cute Ghost" Halloween Decoration Ideas Theme

A “cute ghost” style Halloween decorating idea is to decorate your house with something less scary and bloody.

You can DIY by hand, or buy some nice Halloween decorations online or at home stores.

Among them, ghosts with pure white bodies and big eyes are the essence of the “Cute Ghost” series, such as ghost ornaments and ghost pillows. You can also add cute skull decorations and pumpkin decorations and more.

The overall color matching we can choose the classic orange and white, black three colors. It would also be nice to incorporate some knitted accents into your decor.

With such cute ghosts and pumpkins, and sweet candies, kids will going to be crazy about your house.

If you want to start a Halloween business, Abeidecor is definitely your supplier of choice. We have many eye-catching Halloween decoration for wholesale.

halloween decoration ideas

2. The Meeting Place of the Witch

When it comes to Halloween night, how can there be no witches? One of the great Halloween decoration ideas is to decorate your house as a “Witch’s Gathering Place.” With the launch of Hocus Pocus2 this year, this Halloween is the perfect time to make that kind of decoration.

We try to decorate the house with related elements of witches, that is, the traces of witches’ lives.

Such as smoking cauldrons, potion bottles, black cats, snakes, and brooms. Now popular fun witch legs stakes and tree-mounted witch decorations. Or arrange strange rituals of witches in the courtyard.

So where is the mysterious witch deity? Of course, you and your guests dressed as witches.

Halloween night witch party, that sounds cool!

halloween decoration ideas

3. Animal Skull Party

Skull decorations, without a doubt, have always been a popular ideas for people to decorate their houses on Halloween.

And this year, even more popular is the animal skull decoration. We think there is an eerie aesthetic to skulls. The same goes for animal skull decorations such as Black Flowers & Cow Skulls. Cat, dog, or mouse skeletons that mimic the form of living animals. It looks cute and spooky.

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4. Unique Beverage Bar Halloween Decoration Ideas

Want to bring a touch of spooky elegance to your Halloween party? Prepare some special drinks for guests and serve them in special containers. Trust me, they’re going to love this idea.

At its simplest, you can mix white wine with cider, brandy, pum, pkin butter, citrus, spices, and a dash of ginger beer, and serve the drink in a clear glass pumpkin container with plenty of ice cubes. They look as enticing as iced pumpkin juice from Harry Potter.

Or a blood-red wine in a skull glass container, or a bizarrely colored drink in a taxidermy-like container, adorned with a non-toxic plastic spider.

You can also pick up some practical and unique centerpiece table decorations to add even more festive vibes.

For Halloween wholesalers or retailers, whether you want to wholesale Halloween specific decorations, or decorations that are also suitable for everyday use, you can find them at Abeidecor.

wholesale halloween decor

5. Flashing Dots of Light

In keeping with the Halloween mood, we should turn off most of the ordinary lights in the room. Replacing lighting with candles or LED lights will produce unexpected results.

You can choose the right candle decoration to match the style of your house’s Halloween decoration.

You can choose electronic candles that are very light and fasten them with fishing line. From a distance, it looks like they are suspended in the air.

Or use some Led lights with Halloween motifs to decorate your home, such as pumpkins, skulls and more. Or you can choose that weird lantern decoration that makes people look creepy.

Abeidecor is always the best place for customers looking to wholesale Halloween decorations. In addition to Halloween items, we also offer other decoration items such as Christmas decorations, Valentine’s Day decorations, Easter decorations, and decorations for everyday wear.

6. Really Scary Halloween Decoration Ideas

While we’ve been talking about spooky and terrifying, those decorations are nothing compared to the style we’re going to cover next.

If you’re determined to win this Halloween “Scariest House on the Block” competition. You should try these decorations.

Giant spiders and cobwebs that wrap the entire house. Spooky photo frames and spooky human head vases. Really moving hands.

But there is also a risk that your house will be banned from children by other people on the block.

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7. Halloween Decoration Ideas that can be used throughout the Fall

Who says Halloween decorations have to be creepy? If you don’t want to set up some excessive decoration, you want to pursue beauty, but you want to have just the right Halloween atmosphere. Don’t worry, there are plenty of options for this style too.

For example, spend a little thought on table decoration, pairing gourds or pumpkins with succulents will also be amazing. And now some crafts also have elements of Halloween, such as skull bookends, human vases and so on.

Then pick up some delicate decorations with a strong fall atmosphere, which can be very suitable for the whole fall, including Halloween and Thanksgiving of course.

wholesale halloween decor

8. Popular Halloween Costumes

While decorating the house, don’t forget to choose a suitable Halloween costume for yourself, you can spend a more perfect Halloween.

Common characters are undoubtedly the Joker, Catwoman, Harry Potter, Spiderman, etc. There are many other interesting Halloween costumes. You can also buy some Halloween props to make yourself even more unique. Who doesn’t want to attract more people’s attention?


These are some of our recommended Halloween decoration ideas. Each idea is very fun and suitable to try for Halloween. Of course the Halloween decorating ideas are endless, and we have many more that we haven’t listed.

If you are an importer looking to fill your store with wholesale Halloween decorations from China, Abeidecor is undoubtedly a good choice that can meet all your needs in one place. We also have a huge display platform–500,000+ products online, which can be more convenient for customers to choose.


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