Top 10 Wholesale Christmas Decoration Suppliers

Hi everyone, today we want to share some excellent suppliers of wholesale Christmas decoration. There are some well-known old wholesale Christmas decoration suppliers, some are new excellent suppliers. Each Christmas decoration supplier’s product features are different, but all provide good price and professional service. Let us take a look!

If you want to wholesale China christmas decorations, as an experienced supplier in China, we can meet all your needs in one stop.

1. Old World Christmas - Christmas Decoration Suppliers

In terms of wholesale Christmas decoration, the Old World Christmas supplier is quite good. It starts from 1979 to provide high quality Christmas ornaments for people. 1400+ original Christmas design, which greatly expanded the range that can be selected. Style from tradition to popular, matched more than 95% of mainstream Christmas decoration wholesale needs.

And also expanded the decoration series that people didn’t expect, such as their Covid ornaments series. This series is to commemorate this impact on the Covid- Santa claus with a mask, exposed the arm under the sleeve vaccination.

But Old World Christmas decoration supplier only has Christmas products. Buyers who want one-stop wholesale all types of decorative products aren’t very convenient. And they refuse to sell to large stores, only for independent retailers. Perhaps this is because they use traditional manual way, so the production level is limited.

Anyway, in terms of original Christmas decorations (especially pendants), there should be no other Christmas decoration suppliers more professionally and extensive than them.

Christmas Decoration Suppliers

2. Abeidecor - China Christmas Decor Suppliers

This is an professional home decoration and seasonal supplier in China. They have already working in Christmas decoration wholesale industry since 1997. It belongs Sellers Union Group which has 1200+ employees. They have many customers in the international, mainly large-scale supermarket, home decoration importers. Prior to 2020, they get new customers primarily through exhibitions, markets, etc. Due to the impact of COVID, they began to pay attention to network marketing.

Abeidecor will launch exclusive products every quarter, with more than 15 categories of Christmas decoration. They also integrate a lot of Christmas decoration suppliers resources to meet all the needs of their customers. Unlike other christmas suppliers, they have systematic working methods, can solve all the problems in the import process, while also have very suitable prices.

80% of Christmas decorations in the world are from China Yiwu. There is no doubt that china wholesale christmas decorations can get the biggest profit. View top Christmas decoration supplier in China now.

3. Burton + BURTON - Christmas Decor Wholesale Suppliers

In terms of balloons and gifts, BURTON + BURTON has been superior in the industry. So about wholesale Christmas decoration? They offer more than 16 categories of Christmas products. If you want to wholesale Christmas decoration with country style, you can browse their website. Rustic christmas ornaments and religious style ornaments are their very unique products.

Christmas Decoration Suppliers

4. AliExpress - Wholesale Christmas Decoration

As one of China’s famous wholesale website, you may familiar with Aliexpress. Why AliExpress will be mentioned in this article. One of the reasons is that AliExpress support small order and has a wide range of products, also has many Christmas decoration suppliers. For buyers who want to wholesale small amount of Christmas decoration, it is undoubtedly a good choice.
You can choose all products in one store, or choose the product carefully in different stores, can purchased separately, and don’t worry about delivery. When purchasing, you can also add all the products to your cart, convenient for comparison.

But when you buy on aliexpress, you will still find some questions. For example, most of the Christmas decoration sold on AliExpress are basic. If you want to find the most popular Christmas decoration above, you may take a lot of time. And may not every store will instant and properly reply you.

wholesale christmas decoration

5. Open a Party - Christmas Decoration Suppliers

It is the ranked first birthday and party supplies store in Canada. They integrate a lot of Christmas decoration resources, the products styles and range are very rich. Open a Party supplier often has some high discount sales activity, but they only sell locally in Canada. If make a suggestion to them for all buyers, may update their website and better classification of products will be a good idea.

Christmas Decoration Suppliers

6. Sullivans - Wholesale Christmas Decoration Suppliers

If you browse their website, you will find that they are providing customers with some very creative Christmas decorations. Of course, Christmas decorations are just a part in their business. They also have other types of home decoration. If you have a home decoration store, you may have no way to buy all the products you need here, and their minimum order quantity isn’t low.

Christmas Decoration Suppliers

Other Good Wholesale Christmas Decoration Suppliers

Christmas decoration supplier

Due to the impact of COVID, more business behavior is transferred from the offline to the online, which means that the wholesale christmas decoration business has become more transparent. If you want to pursue better profits, you should start from choosing reliable suppliers, pursue the diversity, uniqueness, and cost effective of products.

The above is the related content of Christmas decoration suppliers, more content pls view our other blogs. If you want to wholesale novel Christmas decoration with good price, pls contact us – Top China’s Christmas decor supplier.


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