How to Wholesale Home Decor from China

Some say it’s hard to get cheap home decor in China now, others say the trend for wholesale home decor from China has faded, etc. So what is the actual situation? Today we are going to talk about the current situation of China home decoration and how to wholesale home decor from China.

1. First of all, the price issue that everyone is most concerned about

Some home decor items do increase in price now. Some clients who started wholesale home decoration from China very early on, their feelings will be obvious. This is mainly due to the increase in costs, such as the price of raw materials, labor costs, electricity costs, etc., so many factories have to raise prices. Another is that in order to better fulfill customer orders, the factory is constantly updating its own technology and productivity. Replacing new machines, optimizing production processes, and training staff skills all also require capital.

2. So is it still a good time to wholesale home decor from China?

The answer is yes. Although there have been many incidents in the middle, such as trade wars and rising shipping prices, China is still the main source of imported home decor for many countries. China maintains a natural dominance over some home decorations, such as Chinese porcelain. Not only ceramics, there are many industrial clusters in China, which also ensures that many home decorations in China maintain the top level of the industry in terms of production technology.

Many importers have gained high profits during their cooperation with China home decor suppliers, expanding their business. Although psychologically inclined to look for products with lower price, in reality they also need to guarantee the quality of the products.

We have several old clients trying to import home decor from other countries. But after trying, they found it very difficult to move the supply chain to another country, and they chose to continue working with us in the end. In the final analysis, because China has a strong supply chain, customers can buy all the products they need in one stop, which saves a lot of time. And compared with other countries, many China home decoration products have incomparable advantages. If import home decor from other countries, the parts and components required for some products may also need to be imported from China, and these import costs will greatly reduce the market competitiveness. On the other hand, judging from the new clients we have been adding in recent years, it is still very advantageous to wholesale home decor from China.  If you are interested, you can contact us. As a good home decor supplier in China, we have 100,000+ products, make sure you can get the new products with best price..

3. So why do some people say that wholesale home decor from China has become difficult. There are mainly the following reasons:

1. Some people have just come into contact with the home decoration industry, so they have less knowledge about it and it is difficult to find reliable China home decor suppliers.

2. The two places where overseas buyers get to know and choose the most Chinese suppliers are the market and professional exhibitions. But now due to the covid-19, many buyers can’t go to China in person, and the role that the market and exhibitions can play is greatly reduced.

3. Some buyers will search for China home decor suppliers on Google or Alibaba. However, many China home decor suppliers don’t carry out online promotion, which also determines that the online search results are limited.

4. Language problems and lack of communication platforms are also one of the important reasons that hinder overseas buyers from finding home decor suppliers in China.

5. Although many China home decoration products have competitive advantages, a few home decoration products in other countries also have advantages. When wholesale home decor from China, you need to think about the specific type you want to import first, and know whether China is competitive in home decoration in this area.

6. In the case of understanding China’s home decoration industry cluster, there can be more room for comparison.

4. How to Find China Home Decor Suppliers

If you want to wholesale home decor from China, but don’t have many supplier resources, you can find China home decor suppliers through the following channels:

1) Online exhibition

In order to solve the problem that foreign clients can’t go to the exhibition in person, many exhibitions have launched online live broadcasts. For example, the most famous Canton Fair. You can also follow youtube, some agents or brand merchants will shoot some exhibition videos, in which you can find many new products and home decor suppliers.

Here are some famous home decoration exhibitions in China:

  • Design Shanghai

International Design Fair. Design Shanghai provides a unique and exciting platform for China’s top architects, interior designers, facility managers and private buyers to showcase the latest furniture designs.

Exhibition Location


Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center

2022 10.13 -10.15

  • China (Shenzhen) International Gifts and Household Products Exhibition

Mainly display gifts and household items

Exhibition Location


Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center

2022 6.15-6.18; 2022.10.20-10.23

  • CHFE-China International Housing and Furniture Fair

China International Home Furnishing Fair – real estate, building materials, home decoration, household items

Exhibition Location


Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center


  • China Beijing International Gifts, Boutique and Household Products Exhibition

International Gifts, Premium and Homeware Fair

Exhibition Location


Beijing China International Exhibition Center (CIEC)


  • Canton Fair

China International Consumer Goods Fair. The product range of the Canton Fair exhibition is very wide, mainly including: gifts, home decoration, textiles and fashion, specialty electronics and household appliances, auto parts, machinery, hardware and tools, building materials, chemical products, consumer goods. Note: The types of products displayed at each stage are different.

Exhibition Location


Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex

2022.4.15-5.5; 2022.10.15-11.4

It is a pity that not all excellent suppliers will attend the exhibition, because the cost of booths is very expensive, and these costs are a lot of pressure for small factories. There are also some suppliers who choose not to participate in the exhibition because they already have enough customers and don’t need to develop new customers.

2) Alibaba

First, you need to determine what type of home decor you want to wholesale, then search the product on Alibaba. If you have the exact product you want, you can use Alibaba’s image recognition search function, which is more convenient. After a search you can compare these same products and investigate their suppliers. If you only have an approximate product direction, you can enter keywords to find products.

3) Find a quality home decor sourcing agent

Some clients may feel that it isn’t cost-effective to use agent service. Compared with direct cooperation with suppliers, it will increase a lot of costs. But a good china sourcing agent can create great value for you, they can help you with all your problems in China, which can save a lot of time and money. You just need to find a reliable sourcing agent, then you will get many reliable China home decor suppliers.

While this is the easiest way, keep your eyes open as well. For judging whether a purchasing agent is professional and suitable for wholesale home decorations for you, we have compiled the following points for you:

  • Specialize in, or have experience in the home decoration industry

In the home decoration industry, experience is very important. If they have rich experience, they can help you choose the most suitable product, get the best price, and check quality.

  • Have many excellent China home decor supplier resources

It is very important that because of their rich experience, they have a lot of resources that are difficult for others to access, which will bring great help to your business.

  • Good credit relationship

While it’s hard to tell when you’re just talking, you’ll get to know them as you communicate with them. Companies with good credit relationships tend to be smooth in all aspects, and will always actively cooperate to solve problems with your goods.

  • Set up an office in China

Not only the mobile phone can contact, but has a considerable office scale, which can reflect the strength of the agent from the side.

4) Search in google and social media

You can also search for keywords on Google and social media. For example, you can enter: China home decor supplier, china wholesale home decor, China home decor market, Yiwu market and other words, you can find what you need.


These are our thoughts and advice on wholesale home decor from China. If you have any other questions about wholesale home decor from China, welcome to contact us – Top China Home Decor Supplier.

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