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Do you love wooden furniture, textiles and layered designs? Are you obsessed with the warm experience brought by your home? If yes, then you’re going to love these farmhouse decor ideas.

This design style has been a huge trend since 2015. Maybe you have some concerns about whether this kind of farmhouse decoration is out of fashion, we can give the answer responsibly, this style will not be outdated.

Because it’s a classic decorating style, it’s compatible with many styles. Even though the farmhouse style in 2015 does look a little aesthetically tired now, the farmhouse decoration itself will incorporate new styles to create a brand new farmhouse style that is eye-catching. If you are interested, you can contact us for the latest farmhouse decor ideas.

farmhouse decor ideas

The Secret to Longevity in Farmhouse Decor

Whether or not you’ve used farmhouse decor for your home before, there are a few basic principles of farmhouse decor once you’ve decided to start using it.

1. Keep it Neutral

Almost all decorating experts agree that neutrals are the essence of farmhouse style. This is reflected in the color of the space and furniture, but also in the choice of textiles or other patterns. Keep neutral makes farmhouse style extremely inclusive, which is why farmhouse decor can work with almost any style.

2. Stay Organized

Neatness is one of the characteristics of farmhouse style, which is the practical aesthetics inherent in farmhouse style. So we try to avoid chaotic parts in the home, and we will use storage or arrange in a regular or artistic way.

3. Use Wood Furniture as Base Furniture

The texture of wood is an indispensable point in the aesthetics of farmhouse style, even if some farmhouse styles that incorporate industrial style now replace some furniture with wrought iron furniture. But heavy wood texture furniture still cannot be completely replaced. Excellent wooden furniture can be used for a long time if it is taken care of properly, so having wooden furniture will add a sense of historical precipitation to the home.

4. Focus on the Kitchen

The kitchen is the soul of the farmhouse style. A good farmhouse decor must have a great kitchen. You can choose those practical and beautiful products when choosing kitchen utensils, and display them without hesitation. In addition, thick wooden partitions or wooden dining tables can well reflect the natural, simple and warm characteristics of the farmhouse decoration.

What is Obsolete in 2022

1. Deliberately distressed furniture
2. Typesetting logo
3. Black and white plaid

As a professional home decoration supplier in China, we have prepared some farmhouse decor ideas for you. If you want to wholesale farmhouse decor, Abeidecor is a good choice, one-stop meet all your needs.

2023 Popular Farmhouse Decor Ideas

1. Don’t be Afraid of Color

A little tired of the white and gray farmhouse style? Maybe adding some colorful areas to your home will make your eyes shine.

I know this might be breaking some traditions, but a small splash of color won’t break the balance of the farmhouse decor you’ve created, but it will add a contrast to the whole space and make it look a little more vibrant.

Or use a small amount of black iron accessories, black iron storage, fruit baskets, etc., to add some industrial atmosphere to the whole home.

2. Mix and Match Farmhouse Decor Styles: Classic and Trendy

Futuristic farmhouse decor style will also be very popular in 2023. In this decor, high-tech elements and designs such as wireless charging, smart lighting, etc. can be used to create a futuristic feel.

3. Futurism

Futuristic farmhouse decor style will also be very popular in 2023. In this decor, high-tech elements and designs such as wireless charging, smart lighting, etc. can be used to create a futuristic feel.

4. Simple Style

Simple is best. As a mainstream style that has always been very popular, minimalist farmhouse decoration ideas will also be sought after by more people in 2023, especially for those who like simplicity and purity. We can create a simple and modern atmosphere by using simple furniture and decorations and avoiding excessive elements.

5. Live in Nature

In this decoration, natural elements and designs can be used, such as wood, stone, plants, etc., to create a natural and harmonious atmosphere. We can use cotton and linen woven wall decorations or rattan decorations to enhance this natural taste. This style is perfect for those who love to live in a natural environment. Enjoy the feeling of living in nature at home.

Overall, both the classic farmhouse style and the popular 2023 farmhouse decor style have their own unique advantages.


If you’re more interested in traditional and classic design styles, then classic farmhouse decor might be right for you. If you want to make your farmhouse decor look sleeker and more modern, here are a few farmhouse decorating ideas that will be trending in 2023. No matter which style you choose, make sure to choose a decorative design that meets your personal preferences and needs. See you in our next blog.


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