China Wholesale Furniture Important Guide

In the past two years, indoor life has become the main theme of people’s lives, and the demand for furniture is also increasing. Whether professional furniture sellers, interior designers or wedding planners, most of them tend to wholesale furniture from China, further develop their furniture business. What kind of charm is it that attracts many clients to wholesale furniture from China? As an experienced Chinese furniture supplier, the following will introduce the relevant information in detail, help you import Chinese furniture easier.

The main content of this article:
1. Why do people like to wholesale furniture from China
2. Types of furniture that can be wholesaled from China
3. How to find suitable China furniture wholesale suppliers online
4. How to find suitable China furniture wholesale suppliers offline
5. Regulations related to furniture import
6. Packaging and shipping matters needing attention when wholesale furniture from China

1. Why do People Like to Wholesale Furniture from China

1) Price

The most important reason for attracting many clients to wholesale furniture from China is that the price is very favorable. Compared with the same furniture, wholesale furniture from China is 40-60% cheaper than local wholesale.

2) Number of China furniture manufacturers

There are about 10,000 furniture manufacturers in China, with a wide variety of products and a wide range of choices. Basically, all furniture styles on the market can find a suitable manufacturer in China.

Among so many furniture manufacturers, if you don’t know how to choose, you can hire a reliable China sourcing agent. They can help you solve all China import problems.

3) Better quality

Now most China furniture manufacturers offer very high-quality products, some of these wooden furniture are made by riveting. This is a traditional Chinese manufacturing process. It doesn’t use nails, glue or screws to connect components, but simply relies on the splicing of wood. The resulting furniture is of better quality than ordinary furniture and. If cared for properly, can even last for centuries.

This isn’t an exaggeration, China still has a lot of antique furniture. Even if it has been used for almost 2 centuries, as long as routine maintenance is done, it can continue to be used normally.

4) Integrity

Chinese businessmen pay attention to business integrity, and it is very important for them to be able to maintain a long-term cooperative relationship. Sometimes they don’t mind giving up some benefits to clients for their own reputation and long-term relationships.

5) Design

In recent years, Chinese consumers have also paid more and more attention to the design and quality of furniture, China’s furniture manufacturing is in a golden age. Although Chinese traditional furniture is mainly made of wood, Chinese furniture manufacturers and designers have also shown a very strong learning ability when it comes to producing furniture made of metal or other materials. Now there are many furniture in the Chinese market that are very popular in other countries. Moreover, many Chinese elements are very popular internationally, such as blue and white porcelain elements.

As a professional Chinese home decoration supplier, we have a wide range of product resources and provide the best service, ensure that customers can improve their market competitiveness from all aspects.

china furniture wholesale

2. Types of Furniture that can be Wholesaled from China

We can divide furniture into the following categories according to the usage scenarios:

1) Home Furniture
Common types of furniture at home, including: bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture, etc.

2) Hotel and guesthouse furniture
Dining tables, chairs, sofas and other furniture used in the hotel.

3) Office furniture
The workplace environment directly affects employee productivity. Many companies seek an environment that is efficient, comfortable, and maximizes the creative inspiration of their employees. It is this trend that makes many importers choose to wholesale unique and comfortable office furniture from China.

4) Children’s furniture
Separate children’s furniture into one category, because children’s furniture has obvious characteristics compared with other furniture. Usually the design of children’s furniture avoids sharp edges and uses non-toxic environmentally friendly paint, and the color style is more inclined to cute cartoon images.

5) Public furniture
Public furniture is often used in various public facilities. The overall design of this type of furniture will be more capable and concise.

6) Outdoor furniture
The camping trend has driven the growth of outdoor furniture sales. Tents, beach beds, tables, chairs, etc., people love these products. These furniture are often seen in people’s yards or when camping in the wild.

Check out some trending Chinese furniture now!

3. How to Find Suitable China Furniture Wholesale Suppliers Online

The first thing to do is to determine your own needs, you can refer to the furniture classification above. After determining our needs, we can start looking for reliable China furniture suppliers.

When china furniture wholesale online, first we need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of online purchasing.


1) More transparent prices
If you’ve used any of those reputable wholesale sites, you’ll know that usually the supplier will mark the price on the page. After browsing a lot of websites, you can get a rough idea of the market price of a certain product. NOTE: Difficult to find direct suppliers.

2) Easy to compare
Once you know the approximate market price, the next step is to compare individual products or suppliers. When China furniture wholesale online, you can easily compare product price and choose a furniture supplier that is more suitable for you. But it can be difficult to compare product quality and supplier reliability.

3) The search function is convenient for selection
There are many furniture products and suppliers in China. If buyers can use the retrieval function reasonably, it will greatly improve the efficiency of wholesale furniture from China.

4) More variety
The furniture that can be put down in the market or furniture exhibition is always limited, but if the product is uploaded on the Internet, there is great operability, and buyers can have a larger range of choices.

Abeidecor has had stable cooperation with many customers, and has established an official website to facilitate new customers to better understand us. If you are interested, just contact us!


1) Not exactly the latest trends
Many China furniture suppliers are slow to update their products online. Is this the latest product they aren’t working on?
The truth is that they don’t want to upload their latest products online to prevent plagiarism from their peers. Or they are busy with business and don’t have a lot of time to manage their online store.

2) Fake deals and unprofessional furniture suppliers
Whether online or offline, you can’t completely avoid encountering dishonest suppliers, fake products. But the probability of encountering this situation online is significantly higher. Part of the reason is that the barriers to registering for an identity online aren’ very high. You may also encounter poor product quality and late deliveries.

A few ways to avoid encountering unreliable China furniture suppliers:

1. Look at the product: The more products they have photographed yourself, or new products, the more likely they are a reliable supplier.
2. Look at the website: Browse their website to check if they are professional. If their website looks professional and has a strong background, they are also more likely to be a reliable supplier.

Common ways to find China furniture suppliers online:

1) You can check the following popular Chinese wholesale websites:

2) Find China furniture suppliers or China sourcing agents on google
Usually large-scale China furniture suppliers will have a professional website to display their products for buyers and introduce company-related information. You can find suppliers by keywords such as China furniture suppliers, China furniture manufacturers, wholesale China furniture, etc. Or hire a China sourcing agent to help you get more product resources, as well as other import processes.

In past 23 years, we have helped many customers import home decoration and furniture from China. If you are interested in wholesale China furniture, you can contact us directly.

4. How to Find Suitable China Furniture Wholesale Suppliers Offline

After talking about wholesale China furniture online, let’s talk about the information about wholesale China furniture offline. Before the epidemic, when wholesale furniture from China, people mostly purchased offline, such as going to local markets, visiting factories or related exhibitions.

Wholesale Chinese furniture offline can actually see the product and better judge the product quality, size and color, etc. You can also communicate with suppliers face-to-face, inspect their company strength on the spot, and learn more about the reliability of suppliers. Secondly, you have the opportunity to find more new products and suppliers offline. Because many suppliers in China don’t carry out online marketing, or don’t put new products online, but only sell to some old customers. Of course, whether you are wholesale Chinese furniture online or offline, you need to compare several suppliers. If you are experienced, you can negotiate a better price with them further.

You can go to the famous wholesale markets in China to purchase furniture, such as Yiwu Market, Foshan Furniture Market, or attend some Chinese furniture fairs.

A visit to the following fairs should be rewarding for clients looking to wholesale furniture from China:

1) China International Furniture Fair (CIFF)
It is held every year in Guangzhou and Shanghai. The exhibition in Guangzhou is scheduled in March, and the exhibition in Shanghai is in September, and it is held every six months. In the past 40 years, this exhibition has provided a lot of business opportunities and resources for global buyers and suppliers.
More than 3,500 exhibitors at the show, covering many furniture categories:
Modern furniture, office furniture, outdoor furniture, children’s furniture, tables and chairs/mattresses, etc.

2) Canton Fair
The Canton Fair is the most famous trade fair in China, held in Guangzhou every spring and autumn. People working in trade all over the world will pay attention to this exhibition. If you want to wholesale furniture from China, can go to Canton Fair Phase II.

3) Shenzhen International Furniture Fair
When it comes to China furniture exhibitions, Shenzhen International Furniture Fair is also a very important exhibition. In this exhibition, many cutting-edge designs will be exhibited, which is a benchmark exhibition of high-quality furniture in China.

Other Chinese furniture fairs include:
International Famous Furniture Fair (Guangdong)
Global Sources Gifts & Household Goods (Hong Kong)
Hong Kong International Design and Furniture Fair (Hong Kong)
HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair (Hong Kong)
Yiwu Fair

5. Regulations Related to China Furniture Import

Each country has different regulations for importing furniture. You must know these in advance so that your goods won’t be returned at the port.

For example, if you want to wholesale wooden furniture from China to the United States, you need to abide by the following treaties:

1) USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) regulations–APHISRegulations

This regulation requires that all wood entering the United States be subjected to a specified disinfection procedure: heat treatment using a kiln or microwave energy dryer or chemical treatment using surface pesticides, preservatives, or methyl bromide fumigation. And all wood products need to be declared to APHIS in the form of PPQ05.

2) Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) — CITESRequirements

This regulation mainly targets wood raw materials included in the “Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora”. If the furniture to be exported is made of materials that are CITES-listed as endangered wood materials, it will require:
General License – Issued by the USDA and valid for two years;
A certificate issued by the representative of CITES in the country where the wood raw material was harvested, declaring that the action won’t impair the survival of the species and that the goods in question were obtained legally.

American standard:
California Technical Bulletin 117 (TB117)

EU national standard:
EN 1201-1, EN 1201-2, EN 597-1, EN 597-2, EN 14533. There is also REACH restricting chemicals and metals in furniture sold in the EU.

6. Packaging and Shipping Matters Needing Attention when Wholesale Furniture from China

Shipping by sea is currently the best method, which also takes into account the weight and bulk of the furniture. We recommend that you choose boxes of different sizes according to the product.

Because most furniture are heavy, they are generally placed at the bottom of the container. Damage can easily occur if the product isn’t protected. Therefore, it is generally recommended to protect the product with bubble wrap, sponge, etc., try to fill the box as much as possible and install protective materials in the corner of the box.
If you use wooden boxes for packaging, you must remember to fumigate in advance, the fumigation company will issue a fumigation certificate, and the OPPC logo will be printed on the box.


If you want to know more about importing furniture from China, or want to cooperate with reliable Chinese furniture supplier, just contact us – Top China home decor supplier with 23 years experience.


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