Artificial Flowers Wholesale China - Complete Guide

With the increase in indoor activities, the market for artificial flowers has also become larger. As a major exporter of artificial flowers, China has thousands of artificial flower manufacturers. If you want to artificial flowers wholesale China, you are in the right place! As an experienced home decor supplier, we provide you with the most complete guide, help you to wholesale artificial flowers from China easier, find the right artificial flower manufacturers.

The following is the main content of this article:

Chapter 1: Several ways to find artificial flowers wholesale China manufacturers
1. Industrial clusters of artificial flowers made in China
2. Three major China artificial flower wholesale market
3. Find artificial flower manufacturers at Chinese exhibitions
4. Artificial flowers wholesale China online

Chapter 2: Additional expertise for wholesale artificial flowers from China
5. What documents do you need when wholesale artificial flowers China?
6. How to check the quality of the artificial flowers you purchased
7. Advantages of artificial flowers
8. Common types of artificial flowers and production process
9. How to choose high-quality artificial flowers

artificial flowers wholesale china

1. Industrial Clusters of Artificial Flowers Made in China

1) Yiwu - plastic flower/silk flower/cloth flower

In all aspects, Yiwu is No.1 in China’s artificial flower manufacturing industry. There are many artificial flowers manufacturers in Yiwu and the surrounding areas of Yiwu. Ranging in size, focusing on the business of trading, sorting, packaging and processing artificial flowers. Yiwu’s annual output of artificial flowers accounts for more than 40% of the total.
If you are looking for artificial flower suppliers in Yiwu, then Abeidecor is a good choice.

2) Guangzhou (Dongguan) – polyester/silk/fabric
Guangzhou is also the origin of artificial flowers well known to many importers. Artificial flowers manufacturers in China Guangzhou are good at producing high-quality artificial flowers, and they are very diligent in updating their designs. Most of the new models of artificial flowers on the market are from Guangdong.
When it comes to Guangzhou, I have to mention Dongguan. Guangzhou is a major province for producing artificial flowers, and Dongguan is the city that produces the most artificial flowers in Guangdong. Suppliers in Dongguan are good at producing large-scale artificial plants, and the product quality is also guaranteed to a certain extent.

3) Tianjin – silk flower/polyester flower
The grass in Tianjin is known as the hometown of Chinese silk flowers. There are a large number of high-quality silk flowers in different styles. If you want to wholesale silk flowers from China, it is highly recommended that you go to Tianjin, where there are hundreds of silk flower manufacturers.
If you need not only wholesale silk flowers, but also plastic flowers or cloth flowers, etc. Don’t worry, the artificial flowers manufacturers here can make it for you too.

As an experienced Chinese home decoration supplier, we develop many new products every year, keeping up with fashion trends. If you are interested in wholesale artificial flowers from China, contact us now!

4) Hebei (Baoding/Cangzhou) – polyester flower/plastic flower
Baoding, Hebei is also quite famous in China’s artificial flower wholesale market. The cheapest artificial flowers in China are available here.
Some markets in Baoding and Cangzhou offer buyers many kinds of artificial flowers, and there are many manufacturers specializing in polyester flowers. In addition, there are many manufacturers in Cangzhou specializing in the production of artificial plants and artificial turf. There is a local artificial flower wholesale market, where sellers can find some very cheap artificial flowers.

Tips: Popular artificial flower wholesale from China: artificial peony, artificial orchid, artificial hydrangea, artificial bouquet, artificial rose.

2. Three Major Artificial Flower Wholesale Market China

If you come to China to wholesale artificial flowers in person, going to the market is a very good choice. Going to the China artificial flower wholesale market can help you quickly understand the latest styles and prices of artificial flowers in China.

Here are some famous China artificial flower wholesale markets recommended for you:

1) Yiwu Market
The artificial flower suppliers in Yiwu market are mainly concentrated on the 1st and 4th floors of District 1. The categories inside are very complete, bringing together artificial flowers from all over the country. At present, various styles of artificial flowers popular on the market can be found in it. And you can find a lot of cheap artificial flowers with good quality. If you want to wholesale cost-effective artificial flowers, Yiwu Market is perfect for you.

Because the Yiwu market is very large, it is difficult for you to tell whether a supplier is reliable or not. You may consider hiring an experienced Yiwu market agent. They are familiar with the Yiwu market and can help you find verified suppliers easily. They can also help you negotiate prices, test quality, integrate products, etc.

2) Guangzhou Wanling Plaza
If you want to wholesale some mid-to-high-end artificial flowers from China, Guangzhou is a good choice. There are many artificial flowers wholesale suppliers on the fifth and sixth floors of Guangzhou Wanling Plaza. If you are specifically going to Guangzhou to wholesale artificial flowers, this is a place not to be missed.

3) Guangzhou First Ring Plaza
This wholesale market, which sells decoration and other small items, is located in Yuexiu District. Among them, artificial flower suppliers are usually gathered on the 6th-8th floor. The good point here is that although the suppliers here are mainly wholesale, some businesses will also support retail. If you need to source some samples before placing an order, or need to buy some artificial flowers for your small wedding or party, you can try it here.

If you want to wholesale artificial flowers from all over China, look for a top China sourcing agent. They have a huge network of suppliers.

3. Find Artificial Flower Manufacturers at Chinese Fairs

1) Canton Fair
Time: Spring and Autumn each year
Address: Guangzhou
There are 3 phases of each Canton Fair. The best choice to find artificial flowers wholesale China suppliers is to attend the second phase of the Canton Fair. They will gather in the second phase of the home decoration exhibition area. Considering the fact that many buyers can’t go to China, the Canton Fair has adopted a simultaneous online and offline model in the past two years. Customers can watch the latest products brought by suppliers through live broadcast.

2) 2022 China Artificial Plant Exhibition
When: August 10-12, 2022
Address: Pazhou, Guangzhou
The exhibition mainly involves artificial flowers, artificial plants and related accessories, as well as some materials for artificial flowers and artificial plants.

3) Shanghai International Artificial Plants, Flowers and Accessories Expo
Address: Shanghai
The exhibition has many latest artificial flower styles, which can better understand the latest trends in the industry. Many exhibitors participated in this exhibition to expand more trading partners, not only buyers, but also to understand new technologies, new processes and new materials in the industry.

4. Artificial Flowers Wholesale China Online

Due to the epidemic, it is inconvenient for buyers to come to China to purchase products, and many buyers purchasing online.

One way is to directly search on google for keywords such as China wholesale artificial flowers, China artificial flower suppliers, etc. You will find many artificial flower suppliers, wholesale platforms or China sourcing agents.

Or you can go to well-known Chinese wholesale websites to purchase artificial flowers:
· ALibaba
You can definitely find the largest variety of artificial flower styles on Alibaba. And there are many artificial flower wholesale suppliers who can provide customized services for buyers. However, due to the huge scale of Alibaba, if you are not an experienced buyer, you may be deceived by dishonest suppliers, suffer from financial fraud or product quality problems.

· Made in China
Made in China provides buyers with some artificial flowers at reasonable prices. Although not as low as Alibaba, it is still within a reasonable range. Some buyers think that the interface design of Made in China is clearer and easier to use.

· DHgate
· AliExpress

The biggest advantage of these wholesale sites is that compared to other wholesale websites, they are more secure.

If you are still worried, you can consider wholesale artificial flowers from professional home decoration website. Professional home decoration brands take the quality of their products very seriously because it affects their reputation. And professional home decoration brands are constantly updating their products in order to retain customers and increase sales. The most important thing is that you can get all the products you need in one stop, which saves a lot of time. Their extensive industry experience can also guide you on how to choose the right product.

If you want to wholesale artificial flowers or other types of home decoration, you can contact us.

5.What Documents do you Need when Artificial Flowers Wholesale China?

1) Bill of lading: A shipping document containing important information such as product type and quantity, importing company and shipping company.
2) Commercial invoice: a document used by customs for declaration. It is used to calculate VAT, excise, import duties and customs duties.
3) Certificate of origin: A necessary document to enjoy preferential treatment, negotiation and fee reduction. It will contain information about the manufacturer, exporter, product description, shipping routes, and more.
4) Packing list: The packing list is what we often call the packing list, which records the product list, the quantity and the total number of cartons.

6. How to Check the Quality of the Artificial Flowers you Purchased

1) Color
After the China artificial flowers supplier has produced your goods, you need to first check them for uneven color or fading. If they fade very seriously, it means that the quality of the artificial flower isn’t good.

2) Is it complete
See if all parts of the artificial flower are in good condition. Sometimes these artificial flowers will be incompletely assembled or the flower body will fall apart due to various reasons.

3) Package
Some artificial flowers suppliers squeeze a lot of products into one box in order to save on packaging costs. This is very harmful to the shape of the artificial flower, and it also causes the possibility of structural separation due to friction. So when checking artificial flowers, pay attention to the product packaging that the supplier gives you.

When you can’t go to China to wholesale artificial flowers in person, you can entrust the inspection work to your trusted person or professional China sourcing agent, and they will do the work for you. There are also quality inspection companies that can provide you with inspection services.

7. Advantages of Artificial Flowers

In terms of appearance alone, there is no difference between artificial flowers and real flowers. The biggest advantage of artificial flowers is that they retain the beauty of real flowers, but require less care than real flowers, and they stay beautiful longer.

This is very popular with business people. Artificial flowers can be used in place of real flowers to decorate their stores, and its durability allows them to maintain them at a fraction of the cost.

In addition, for some friends who are allergic to real flowers or pollen, artificial flowers allow them to enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by flowers with confidence. And these artificial flowers don’t attract bugs.

8. Common Types of Artificial Flowers and Production Process

1) Silk flower
Silk flowers are artificial flowers made of silk. These silk flowers can be so realistic that they are easily recognized as natural floral plants. They became popular a long time ago, and the production process is now very mature.

2) Polyester flower
Most of the artificial flowers on the market are made of polyester fabrics. Because the price is cheaper than silk, it replaces part of the silk flower market to a certain extent.

3) Plastic flower
Plastic flowers used to be another very popular artificial flower in the market. Because of the low price of raw materials, plastic flowers are also the cheapest among several artificial flowers.
Their main material is high quality polyethylene. The biggest advantage is that it is very durable and can be stored for a long time. The disadvantage is that there may be some taste, but high-quality artificial flower suppliers generally use odorless plastic as raw materials.
Due to the current environmental protection concept, this artificial flower is controversial. Some environmental groups will call on everyone not to buy plastic products.
However, if you do want to wholesale plastic flowers, you can still find them in some China artificial flower wholesale markets.

4) Cloth flowers
Cloth flowers may not be the most artificial flower varieties that restore real flowers, and are generally used to decorate clothing or other decorations.

The production process of artificial flowers: the stems of artificial flowers are generally made of brass and iron wire as the inner core. Some artificial flower wholesale suppliers will wrap a circle of plastic on the outside after fixing, and make some lines on it to make the flowers look more realistic. The shape of the flower is usually made by cutting and pressing the material. After the initial shape is completed, details are added by machine. This step is followed by coloring and finally by workers to put all the parts together.

9. How to Choose High-quality Artificial Flowers

Some people want to wholesale artificial flowers from China, but haven’t experience in this area. Although there are many artificial flowers to choose from in China, not all artificial flowers are of high quality.

Not that that’s bad, because some people just need some cheap single-use artificial flowers. However, if the buyer wholesales artificial flowers with the goal of long-term use, then which aspects should be used to judge the quality of the products provided by Chinese artificial flower manufacturers.

1) Material
Qualified materials are the basis for the manufacture of artificial flowers. It can be said that materials directly determine the quality of artificial flowers to a large extent. Therefore, the first step in choosing artificial flowers is to understand their raw materials. Silk flowers are made of high-quality materials such as cotton, silk, rayon, etc., so silk flowers are less prone to damage than other types of artificial flowers, and have a better shaping effect. If it is an artificial flower made of plastic, it will be slightly less usable.

2) Craftsmanship
Now many Chinese artificial flower manufacturers have adopted new manufacturing methods, using machines to suppress the shape and some folds of artificial flowers, so that the artificial flowers can be more realistic. Although some manufacturers prefer to use artificial flowers to make artificial flowers, the craftsmanship of workers may vary. But this is not absolute, some particularly delicate artificial flowers still need to be sewn manually. Both machines and humans can make good products, but using machines can increase productivity.

3) Design
There are thousands of artificial flower manufacturers in China, and they are researching new designs every day. They know how important a unique product is to businessmen.
Therefore, before wholesale artificial flowers, it is very important to understand the latest trends in the industry, as well as classic hot-selling styles. Knowing industry trends allows you to know the value of the product designs your suppliers are offering you.

4) Similarity to real flowers
The more similar it is to the real flower, the more successful the artificial flower is, which can reflect the professionalism of their production.

5) Smell
High-quality artificial flowers do not have a particularly strong odor, which is related to their material. Artificial flowers made of recycled materials and cheap materials will have a pungent smell.


Finally, we sincerely recommend that when you wholesale artificial flowers from China, you should first pay attention to your own needs, so that it will be more convenient to find a suitable artificial flower supplier. Of course, you can also contact us directly. As a professional home decoration supplier, we provide a rich selection of products, which can well meet the needs of different customers. Our rich import and export experience can also help you save a lot of trouble.


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