9 Creative Ideas for Decorating Your Christmas Tree

How to decorate your own Christmas tree? It’s definitely an art. This article aims to provide you with great ideas for decorating your Christmas tree in 2022. Next, let’s get started.

1. Swap Out Small-sized Christmas Decorations

Spend an afternoon hanging up Christmas tree decorations, but the effect isn’t particularly excellent? Try swapping out small Christmas ornaments for big ornaments. This method is suitable for Christmas tree that hasn’t achieved the desired effect after any dressing up, and the effect will surely surprise you.

2. Clever Use of Ribbons

Do you have the feeling that you have hung all the Christmas decorations on the branches, but there are still a lot of gaps. This is because when you hang the decorations on the Christmas tree, the weight of the decorations also bends the branches, which is why you feel discordant.

So how to solve this problem? It’s easy, just decorate all the gaps with fit ribbons. There are many types of ribbons on the market, just choose the ribbon that suits your Christmas tree. Of course, if you’re just starting Christmas tree arrangement plan, you can use ribbon to partition before hanging the decorative balls. Now there are ribbons that can be shaped on the market, which are highly recommended for novices, which can greatly reduce the difficulty of arranging Christmas trees.

3. Choose Christmas Tree Decorations Color to Suit Your Sofa

Folks, no matter how beautiful the Christmas tree decorations you see on the Internet, before preparing your favorite Christmas tree style, take a look at your sofa and make sure that the colors match.

4. Use Only Decorations of the Same Color

It’s just a simple way to make your Christmas tree decorations more advanced, but you don’t have to use it if you have a strong grasp of color. Taking both the tree itself and your decorations into account, there should be no more than 2 colors for the overall Christmas tree, which means you will only use decorations in the same color. This may seem unreliable, but this method will bring very stunning results.

5. Citrus Scent: Use Dried Citrus for Decoration

Go outside the norm and use citrus as a new decoration for your Christmas tree. Wash the lemons or oranges and cut them into slices and dry them in the air or in a dryer. After drying, it can be used as a decoration to hang on the Christmas tree, and you can smell a touch of citrus every time you pass by.

6. Flowers Blooming Christmas

Now there are many artificial flowers on the market that are very realistic, we can use these realistic and gorgeous artificial flower decorations to create a unique Christmas tree style. Use the Christmas tree as a pedestal for flower arrangements where you can create your own floral art while you decorate your tree.

7. Countdown Calendar Decorating Christmas Tree

Now, more people want to enjoy the fun that Christmas brings to us in advance. Most American households put up Christmas tree after Thanksgiving and then don’t put them away until after January 6th. So how about a countdown timer on your Christmas tree. A few small rewards to add more fun when you and your family look forward to the holiday season.

8. Clever Use of Christmas Lights

Just because it doesn’t look that bright on your Christmas tree, do you think that the Christmas light doesn’t have an effect? That may be that the method you use is wrong. In fact, making good use of Christmas lights can make your Christmas tree more eye-catching.

Here are a few ways to use Christmas light, try them on your Christmas tree:
1. Use Christmas lights and clear tulle to wrap around the Christmas tree. This method magnifies and softens the light of the small lights through the tulle, wrapping the Christmas tree with a different kind of dreaminess.
2. Dangle rather than wrap. Change the way of placing the Christmas lights, comb the vision from bottom to top, and then add a shining star of Bethlehem on the top, the whole Christmas tree is like a falling star in the mortal world.

9. Create a Classic Style Christmas Tree Decoration

Although everyone’s definition of tradition is different, when it comes to what is a classic style of Christmas tree decoration, most people will have a similar decoration style in their impression, that is, a Christmas tree decoration style dominated by red and green tones and decorated with small golden lights. In fact, this style of Christmas tree often appears at the door of the mall during the Christmas period. They are indeed classics and have risen to the hearts of the people.

To create a Christmas tree in a classic decor style, the most suitable tree shape is the tower shape. Before plastic Christmas trees were popular, people often chose European firs as their first choice for decorating their family Christmas trees.

But now people can choose resin Christmas trees that are similar in color and texture to European fir. Reusable Christmas trees in a sense mitigate the negative impact of tree cutting on the environment.

Christmas Tree Classic Decoration Style and European Firs

As can be seen from the above figure, you can see that a large amount of gold / silver / red christmas balls are used in a classic decorative style Christmas tree. If you feel a little monotonous with just the ball, there are also many other styles of trinkets in the same color for sale.

Maybe It Isn't Necessarily A Tree

Now, people create the shape of the Christmas tree by combining all things, the Christmas tree is not limited to a tree. Perhaps it can be a wooden strip combination, maybe it is a combination of the lamp strip, perhaps purely use glue, which will glue the decorations into the shape of the Christmas tree.

As long as you are willing to do it, any item is likely to be a Christmas tree. Maybe you can also pick up your own idle items, transform it into your own unique “Christmas tree”.

Decorating a Christmas tree happiest part is the process of decoration. Now, record these wonderful Christmas tree decoration ideas, then create your own unique Christmas tree.


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