2022 Trending Christmas Decorating Styles For You

Still worrying about how to decorate Christmas for your home? This article starts from 5 categories, let you know the most popular and classic Christmas styles on the market, and easily pick out your favorite Christmas decoration styles in 2022.

1. The timeless classic Christmas decoration style "Classic spread"

Decorating the Christmas tree with various decorations is already a Christmas tradition in every family. The earliest Christmas tree was used to represent the tree of the Garden of Eden, and some apples were hung on the tree to mark the good and evil of the Christmas tree, while the Germans will hang some crepes on it instead of holy bread. Now, the decor hanging on the tree have gone from cookies and apples to a variety of cookies and ornaments.

The most common classic Christmas decoration style is the “Classic spread” series, which is dominated by red, green and gold. Combining ribbons, Christmas balls, snowflakes, elk, red or gold flowers and leaves, and some small shining lights, some decorations such as traditional Santa Claus, the star of Bethlehem on the top of the tree, and bells are also “Classic spread” “An important element of the series. This classic Christmas style is often seen in those classic old movies. Surprisingly, this old fashioned christmas decorations is still popular.

Some classic Christmas decoration styles

This classic Christmas decoration can be combined with a lot of elements, thereby derive other Christmas decoration style, such as increasing cotton linen elements in decorations, forming a country Christmas style. This series makes people feel the simple life attitude and the warmth of the heart, which is perfect for families heading to farmhouses and holiday cabins in the mountains for their Christmas holiday.

Christmas wreath with cotton linen

For those who like gorgeous decorative, they can also achieve the decorative style they want by increasing metals and exquisite Christmas flowers or other gorgeous small ornaments.

Ornate Christmas tree

Beautiful Christmas flower

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2. More fantasy Christmas atmosphere

“Snow Miracle” is like the scenery you want to see when you wake up in Christmas morning in your dreams, thick snow covers vegetation and street, the frozen ice on the eaves flashes in the sun. Based on gold and white ornaments, the green floral plant is combined, so that everything is so shiny, fresh and charming.

This style is particularly popular in the family of young people. In recent years, the heat on social media is high. If you are tired of traditional red-green, try this freshly decorative style, it will make your eyes bright.

This type of white gold style ornament is often inseparable from snowflakes and sequins. If you want to make your shiny home more cute, add some wood products to these decorations! You can fill a wooden decoration in all voids, they will play an fantastic role.

Abeidecor 2022 Christmas Collection: Combined with gold charm ornaments and wooden decor

Pink Dream: Pink is also a dreamy Christmas decoration style. Pink often represents cute, bright, gentle, and helps to relieve stress and promote people’s physical and mental health. When tired, look at pink, it will relax. If you select pink as a decorated primary foundation, you have to spend more mind to consider the material problems between all kinds of decorations. Especially according to the vegetation species you choose to match, you will have a very big impact on your final Christmas style.

We estimate that the popular pink decorative style of this year will be pink decoration and simulated snow vegetation. The whole color is pink and white, and there is a cotton linen ribbon with a thin tulle. Add some pink, gold or white floral to decorate, which will make the entire scene look more natural.

This Christmas, let your princess wish to bring a pink crown!

The main characteristics of blue Christmas decoration style are throughout and mysterious, integrated Into the decorations of many ice snow and stars, we call this series “Stars and Icefields”. Blue is always quiet and dreamy, trying to embellish with white Christmas tree with silver and dark blue ornaments, which will be a very fantasy Christmas holiday.

According to the popular trend released by 2022 Pantone, Very Peri will be the popular color of the next few quarters. This color contains cold-tuning, with ice and snow coldness, and integrates the color of passionate life – purple red. Perhaps in the upcoming 2022 Christmas, this color will replace the ice and snow blue, and become one of the dream Christmas decoration style. And mention purple, it is difficult to don’t expect the scenes in the fairy tale, gorgeous and dreamy. Very Peri belongs to a low saturation color, we think it can work well with gold, silver, and pink.

3. Interesting Christmas holidays

“Hansel and Gretel” mentioned in “Grimm’s Fairy Tales”, the witch inside live in a cottage made of candy and gingerbread. Christmas Decorations using candy style have also become a very popular.

Using candy style decoration, the choice of decorations will generally choose a large amount of red white stripe, whether Christmas balls, Christmas ribbons or Christmas small ornaments. If you do some interesting little creative on this style, you will add a lot of highlights for your Christmas decoration. For example, add real candies to your decoration, let children can participate in the treasure hunt game of candies. Increasing the elf decoration, you can reserve the traditional story of Christmas, and they are still interesting.

4. More modern Christmas style

If you are pursuing a more modern Christmas decoration style, I think the following two styles are ideal for you:

The first is “Modern Banquet” in black as the main tone. To decorate your home as simple as possible, and use some good texture ornaments, such a scenario appears to be advanced and simple.

A small suggestion: It is best not to use more than three colors when laying such scenarios. Unified color can faster to enter the Christmas atmosphere.

The second is the minimalism Christmas style. Only use one color, the choice of decorations is also used to select the design of simple and stylish accessories. Add decoration with holiday atmosphere, simple striped stockings, fashion Christmas decoration, plants in winter, plus the pillows in the Christmas style, plus Some wooden Christmas ornaments will be a very perfect minimalist holiday decoration.

5. Rustic Nordic Country Christmas Style

Now let’s take a look at another popular style. Have a thick garland, many wood ornaments, a variety of ribbons and napkins, a large number of candlesticks and fragrance candles – Nordic country style.

There is a thick garland at the door, and the thick vegetation is also paved on the corridor handrail. It is simple to fix with the cotton ribbon. With the thick blanket of the Christmas pattern, then decorate some nuts and winter berries, very perfect Nordic Country Christmas! If you want to be better, you can put a sleigh and skates at the door.

In this decorative style, try to arrange a simple rural table to use to enjoy a rich food, which will be very interesting. With wooden dining table, pretty dining plate with Christmas pattern, take out silver or gold candlestick as decoration, put a thick coniferous branch around, ignite tall cream candles or fragrance candles, with Your family enjoy a wonderful winter festival!

From planning to the actual implementation, we have already opened the door of decoration fun. 2022 Christmas, determine your decoration direction through this article. After this, you can continue to add Christmas creativit and inspiration, and finally enjoy an amazing Christmas holiday!


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