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At Abeidecor, we have launched various styles of home decoration, in order to meet the purchasing needs of customers in different regions. Whether you’re from Europe, US, Middle East or Latin America, you can always find products that can hot sale in your country. If you want to customize products, we can also satisfy you.

Country decor style
nautical decoration style

I Country Decor

II Nautical

The colors of country style are mainly natural tones, white, log color, green and earth brown are the most common, and the colors exuding rustic atmosphere are typical characteristics of American country style. The use of color is elegant, soft and harmonious tones.

Country decor style
nautical decoration style

III Modern Decor

IV Nordic

Scandinavian style originated from the Scandinavian design style, so it is also called “Scandinavian style”. It has the characteristics of simplicity, nature and humanization.

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V Tropical

VI Bali

The most prominent feature of the tropical style decoration style is the bold use of color, using pure natural rattan, bamboo, stone and other materials for decoration, highlighting a simple and natural beauty.

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Wholesale Bali Decor

V Indian Style

VI Vintage

Indian architectural decoration forms are complex, with dense patterns, brilliant colors, bright and lively colors, and the aesthetics of Indian clothing is consistent. Some people say that Indian style is like a color palette, which makes luxury and decadence, gorgeous and low-key emotions into an intoxicating color, which makes people unable to extricate themselves.

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